Identify and Lower Pet Stress to Improve
Health, Behavior & Training Results

"Pets can exhibit behavioral problems that impair the human-animal bond, but behavior changes are also how veterinarians can tell whether dogs or cats have an illness or pain or are experiencing emotional distress." 

~Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, May 2021

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Dr. Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC*

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The Pet Happiness & PsyMed™ Process

This process begins with you, the Pet Parent, completing a brief pre-teleconsult Pet Happiness Profile about your BFF (your Best Furry Friend).

This first-level, online pet history will provide you and Dr. Tripp with: 

🐾 A list of all reported medical and behavioral concerns

🐾 Your primary concern about your pet

🐾 Identification of your pet's genetic tendencies

🐾 A pet personality graph

🐾 A Pet Happiness Potential Report (PDF) 

🐾 A Pet Happiness Rating (i.e., a Happiness Rating of 80% is a 20% Stress Rating)

🐾 An interactive Pet Parenting Basics Plan to lower pet  stress and increase pet happiness

What’s Next?

After you purchase the Analysis Teleconsult (link above) we’ll reach out to you to schedule your Teleconsultation. 

Before meeting with Dr. Tripp, you’ll be asked to complete a more detailed pet behavior history, to dig even deeper. 

During the live teleconsult, Dr. Tripp will video-view your pet while speaking with you. Your pet is better evaluated when no stranger is in the home and they’re in a familiar location that feels safe. 

Dr. Tripp will review your pet’s medical profile with you, any laboratory findings provided prior to the consult, and any current medications that are reported in your pet behavior history.

The purpose of this analysis is to identify the issues influencing your situation, to review your primary concern for your pet, and to determine underlying causes, a prognosis and a plan. The prognosis is the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Lowering Pet Stress: What Other Options Do I Have?

Unsure if your pet’s behavior or health issue is complex enough for an Analysis Teleconsult with a veterinary behavior specialist? 

We understand. 

So here’s an alternative...

First, complete the level-one Pet Happiness survey for more information on your pet. A Pet Happiness team member will reach out to you to go over the findings. 

Complete the Pet Happiness profile to receive: 

🐾 A Pet Happiness Rating
            (A Happiness Rating of 80% = a 20% Stress Rating)

🐾 A Pet Personality Profile 

🐾 A Pet Happiness Potential Score


Previously, attempts to measure psychological tests in animals involved biochemical assays of body fluids, such as serum cortisol.

However, cortisol varies in the bloodstream depending on the situationfor example a pet held down to collect a blood sample. Clearly this is not a measure of the type of long-term severe psychological stress that gradually degrades the immune system.

The newest approach is for the person who knows the pet the best to complete an online pet behavior history to look for subtle behaviors that represent severe, recurring psychological stress.

By completing this level-one pet behavior history, you’ll not only have a better understanding of your pet, but you’ll also be contributing to our research study that is evaluating this test and the ways in which psychological stress influences medical symptoms, which we call PsyMed™. This will allow you to help other pet parents while also helping your own pet.

What If I Just Want to Talk with Someone?

Do you want to talk with one of Dr. Tripp’s Pet Happiness team members and ask some questions about the challenges you’re facing with your pet and find out more about how we can help?

We’d be happy to speak with you. Call 503-897-0611Feel free to provide your contact information and a brief description of what’s happening with your pet, and someone from Pet Happiness will reach out to you.